Real Racing 4-NEXT-1.0.174469-apk

Real Racing 4-NEXT-1.0.174469-apk 1.0.174469

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Real Racing 4-NEXT-1.0.174469-apk

Real Racing NEXT – this is Real Racing 4 in early access. Electronic Arts has launched the Real Racing NEXT alpha test in a couple of countries. This is the fourth part of a racing simulator with good graphics, but a couple of noticeable disadvantages. By the way, you can also participate in the testing.

Real Racing NEXT is a mobile racing from EA. They are currently available in Canada and Australia, although there are ways to circumvent this restriction (see below). If we talk about the gameplay, the car models look realistic, they are licensed. The sound of the engine is sound, but the environment is a little wooden. This, by the way, applies to flat and sometimes triangular trees.

Judging by the description, then for each car you need to earn trophies to achieve the title of Champion. Players have access to tracks from all over the world and with different weather conditions: dawn, sunset, rain or clear weather. Improvements for machine parts are opened through loot boxes, this scheme resembles Brawl Stars and similar arcade games. The developers also promise smart AI, but you can’t tell this from YouTube videos: opponents are trying not to crash into you and therefore drive from behind, then from the front.
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