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Mirillis Action! Is a screen capture program that allows you to stream and record your Windows screen in real time in excellent HD video quality. With Action! You can record and stream gameplay, videos from web players, record music, take screenshots, add webcams, microphone comments ... and much more!

What is new : the official website What's new in Action! 4.18.0? NEW FEATURE: Kernel Streaming (KSProxy) audio recording needed for capturing sound from capture cards like Elgato 4K60 PRO HDR (with this hardware it is now possible to record and livestream 4K / HDR video from Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles) Fixed 7.1 audio downmix to stereo Improved OriSound (original soundtrack extraction from games and applications) function compliance with anti-cheat systems What's new in Action! 4.17.1? HOTFIX: Fixed mono microphone recording What's new in Action! 4.17.0? NEW FEATURE: OriSound - long-awaited feature that allows to record audio exclusively

from selected game or application! Don't waste money on additional PC or specialized headphones!
Now you can select your favorite voice chat application (like Discord) and record it into separate
audio track that will not be mixed with main audio track!
Additionally the sound you record will never be modified by sound card post-processing so
you always get the original volume, pitch and tone.
It will also not get disturbed by random system "blips" comming from popup windows etc.


1. Use "Selected application" from audio device list (either primary, secondary or aux device).
2. A window will appear showing currently detected sound sources in the system
(from system audio mixer)
3. If the application you want record sound from is not running or is not visible on the list you
can use the '+' button to select its exe file (you need to manually find its location first)

NOTES: This feature might not work for anti-cheat protected games and some games with
spatial audio like Dolby Atmos. This will be improved soon in version 4.18.0.

Fixed CS: GO with Nvidia SLI enabled
Support for duplicated monitors has been fixed
Improved downmix of multi-channel audio to stereo
Fixed HDR10 recording on AMD GPUs with latest AMD drivers installed
Added fullscreen mode to JPEG XL viewer
Stability fixes
First release
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