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Download Master effectively solves 3 main problems that arise when downloading files from the Internet: download speed, continuation of interrupted downloads and management of downloaded files. The main features that distinguish Download Master from other programs are the highest efficiency of work and a convenient user interface. Download Master allows you to significantly increase the speed of downloading files over the Internet using HTTP, HTTPS and FTP protocols. This is done by splitting the file into streams that are downloaded simultaneously. The program also supports resuming the file from the current position after the connection is broken.

Version - March 12, 2021
Improved handling of playlists and videos;
Bugs fixed.

Version - October 23, 2020
Added integration with Microsoft Edge;
Modified integration settings;
Bugs fixed.

Version - September 3, 2020
Improved work with User-Agent;
Fixed problem with file names when importing download lists .txts;
Bugs fixed.

Version - April 17, 2020
Improved download of playlists;
Reduced requirements for free space for backing up download lists;
Bugs fixed.

Version - September 27, 2019
Improved getting names for files downloaded from video services;
Improved search in the list of downloads;
Extended selection of frame rates for video from video services (50/60 and 25/30 fps);
Automatic high priority for playlists;
Fixed a bug with non-simultaneous uploading of video and audio;
Bugs fixed.

Version - September 20, 2019
Improved video and music download from video services;
Improved file name generation;
Fixed error in detecting remote downloads;
Bugs fixed.

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